Scalvini Racing, competition exhausts high performance for the best On/Off road 2 and 4 strokes.

Created by the former pilot ot the world championship 125cc and 250cc Gianluigi Scalvini, the company Scalvini Racing is a real racing division for exhausts, where the focus is clear: leading your engine performances to the highest level possible.

Gigi ScalviniThis work is possible thanks to the decades of experience in the world of competitions by our technical team, that will transfer in every product their passion and their strenght, just to satisfy the most demanding customer too.

Our exhausts are completely hand-made, with accurancy in welding by craftsmans which handle every single piece as it would be dedicated to an official rider.

From the prototype to the finished pipe, Gianluigi Scalvini lead with attention and care the work in progress, joining dyno-stand tests and on-track tests.

Our focus is not only to improve powerness, but also the engine torque, to have an acceleration always ready and quick.

Fundamental part of the developing, is the choice of the materials, such as aluminium, carbon and titanium, due to offer you the best in strenghtness and long-life duration and the weight, the more light possible.

Pics from Our Factory